In the shadow of Kings

My company president is leaving our organisation. Presumed it will not be tough to imagine the kind of churn it will create in our institution. I did imagine, but I was not even close to it. The most straight-forward reason would be my inexperience. But, the most important reason would be something else. The next few moments should make it clear.

I am barely five months into this organisation and all the stuff that I read in newspapers make me sceptical about organisations. I think about scandals, politics, back-biting and what not. Then a couple of events in the in the past few months at the organisation.

Event 1: My boss travels by train and reports to office at 8:30 a.m every morning. He has a company sponsored, chauffeur driven car at his disposal. Not an event, eh,…whatever. That’s not the point at all.

Event 2: My boss takes two breaks in an entire day at specific times and never engages in banter.

Event 3: My boss leaves at 5:30 p.m every day, unless there is any urgency.

Event 4: My boss and his boss are more concerned about what is the best course of action than their individual contributions to the over all process. What is the best thing to do,…not what do ‘I’, think is the best thing to do?
Event 5: The company does not believe in donating money. Instead it believes in managing the money (Loads of it) for accurate delivery of objectives related to charity. I am working on one for HIV right now. CSR is one of my job responsibilities, not an option.
The moot point is that people cannot behave individually in this organisation. There should be a percolation of beliefs and value systems. It is so intangible, but fantastically beautiful.

Event 6; The Present, …The Farewell:

At the farewell, people didn’t make speeches. Speeches are written, rehearsed and done lip-service to. Here, people spoke from their heart. The Chairman of the entire Asia-Pacific region, spoke so deeply about our President. His voice betrayed the true emotions underlying the rendered corporate sensibilities of what he spoke. The Vice-President had a quivering voice when he spoke. My boss couldn’t speak more than ten words. And then there were others.

I could feel the immense amount of bonding among this group of people. The sum total of all their value systems held me in it’s wake. The underlying framework was intangible to me, a fresher, and so enigmatic in the fact that words do not mean as much as living it. I think about it once in a while, on the other hand I see these these people who live it day in and day out. I guess we might give many names, one of it would be focus, to achieve it would be quite a thing. First of all, I think it needs a high level of honesty to oneself. This honesty expands as it fills us and overflows into our relationships. It is enriching and life sustaining. I see people who live and all I am is a seed.

Where is my paper?


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