This one is for Assymetrica

Ever heard of “One thing leads to another?”

This is so true. One of my friends asked me to send some references for interesting blogs. I had created a small list and mailed it to him. Out of the blue, I was greeted by a friend from college and I was reminded that he wrote well. I asked him for his blog and he directed me to it. A cursory glance of his blog revealed that he had written the last three blogs in a deep state of emotional stasis. I was immediately reminded of numerous incidents which used to happen quite regularly in college. I tried to see common ground and hence messaged my friend that we have to debate these occurrences where the preliminary hypothesis seems to be that people express themselves in a complicated manner when they are emotionally challenged by actions and/ or reactions.

Some personal recollections:

The first time I started thinking about writing was when I was deeply moved by a girl and was finding ways of expressing it. I used to spend time writing letters by the dozen and poems by the score. I still have the little blue book with scribblings all over.

Fast forward to my post graduation, and I can recollect numerous instances of people becoming poets and writers in the absence of apparent inclination. It happens to be more to do with the appropriate inspiration. The inspiration may be highly emotional, conditioned by drugs, or a combination of both. The emotional background is difficult to decipher, but the effects in terms of emotional stasis and the ensuing consumption of drugs are apparent.

I have not come across too many people who consume drugs alone. There is usually a small group. They have to talk and I guess they would rather talk to somebody who will be drugged in the same proportion so that neither would remember what happened. Cannabis actually causes short term memory loss because of it’s effects on the hippocampus which is responsible for memory.

The topics are surprisingly eclectic, the opinions are free flowing and the discussions are marauding. I have typically noticed people jump from one topic to another in the most random fashion possible. The most interesting part would be that people are more stoic in their responses and offer explanations without inhibitions regarding diplomacy and tact.

Those who consume drugs give vent to their emotional deluge in a more physical fashion than free speech. They are more poignant and diverse in their expressions. The context is richer and the content pulsating. I have taken some time to go through their expressions,…blogs,…poems,…web pages,…graffitti,….plays,… and I believe there are quite a few writers there who are beyond their writings. This is because they do not write fiction, they write themselves. The words drip life. I guess blood is thicker than water!

Where is my paper?


3 Responses

  1. your mind is ur paper, and all tht u see is the scribbler, the pen, the marker.

    if i ahve to give a review to your posts, i will say they are whoppping.

    your recent trip to goa also demands a post. ignore my typos.

  2. delete my earlier comment. it is misleading. it will take you to some site which is not where i intended you to go. this one will take you to the correct link

  3. Can you share your scribbled blue book with me…I want to see your thoughts for that girl..

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