Time Silo

It is about a year back. I am at Benares and am trying out a new beverage called ‘Tandaiyi’. It had been highly recommended and a friend of mine, Building, as we used to call him, took us to the specific shop which was supposed to sell the ‘best’ tandaiyi in town. It was a small joint about 6*6 feet in area and we barely managed to get in without knocking ourselves on the low doorway.

There were two small wooden benches and big pictures of Hanuman on the walls. We ordered a glass each and then one of my friends arranged for it to be laced with ‘local’ flavours. The concoction was delicious and refreshing. We were on our way and navigating the narrow and magical streets of Benares. We made our way to the Ghats of Benares. There we boarded one of the small boats and were wading down the Ganges. Then the ‘flavour’ of the Tandaiyi made a comeback and I escaped into time silos,…slowly and peacefully. I hadn’t expected it in the least. I was thinking in small compartments of time. The experience matured into areas of very little interest, but abundant enjoyment. Logic ceased to exist and existence is all that mattered. There was no future and no past. There was time in it’s least unit for me to enjoy. The beauty is that we are not disturbed by any relativity, the essence of our mundane existence where everything is measured and calibrated in terms of this and this units. When this relative scale of referenc e ceases to exist, existence blooms.

These silos bring about an appreciation of time. When all your thoughts have been numbed into oblivion, all you have surrounding you is Time, vast and beautiful. Time envelopes me like the amniotic fluid in the womb, with perception pure as the fluid itself and receptive in the truest sense. Time reaches a standstill. There is refined sense of appreciation with no disturbances from the mundaneities of life.

I think about this as an apt referrence to some engagements in recent times. Have had a few friends in college. Some more outside and a few which I do not remember. Each of them is unique and there is a certain character to it. I like some and I admire some of them. But my engagements bear no semblance of how I regard them. Get to spend time and know a few friends. It is not the way I want it to be. I have tried figuring it out as to why some are this way and some are some way else.

Time has started giving me answers. There is very little point in comparing things. This is especially true for relationships. We are beautifully unique, and to compare people and our engagements with them is like fooling ourselves that there are certain commonalities between people and these are all that matter. We lose sight of the vast expanse of characteristics that make this chaos of humanity and the super universe possible.

On a larger perspective, time is not a quantity, time is an explanation for understanding, cognizance of the world around us. No wonder people who are numbed to inactivity have no use for time and people who are the other extremem look at time as an instrument. Time drifts like a stream. I would not try to swim, I would try to float and let the stream take me.

Clean forever!


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