27, October, 2005

I am used to procrastination. I believe one of the worst forms of procrastination to be procrastination when you have something interesting to think about. Something strikes you suddenly in the midst of a mundane thought processes. I am thrown on the floor by the process and I gasp for air as I marvel at the ramifications of the thought. Ramifications in so many directions.

I am not able to think of any other reason other than absolute laziness when I choose to think about it later. Sometimes I blame it on the context. I might as well blame it on ‘Rio’. It has happened so many times. The sequential result is that I have lost out on so many ideas.

I luckily remembered it today as I basked in one of those insightful moments. I had read a book by Aldous Huxley once. I particularly remember a line from one his book “Doors of Perception”. Don’t remember the line ditto,…can be paraphrased. It talks about looking at yourself the way other people look at you and looking at others the way they look at themselves. Very interesting. Very difficult too.

This comes in the context of a thought process that I was going thru in class today. The guy was talking about the listening, listening not with your ears, but with your mind, with stillness in the thought process,…to pick up small inflections, reflections,…just about any movement in the mass of thoughts which is floating as words in the air. The point which immediately strikes me is the extent to which we are trained to pick up these vibrations. Then the ramifications of this issue come up in the form of how we actually pick up nuances in our own thought process. We think of so many things in a day and end up taking very few beyond the point of mere conjectures with namesake discussions with other people or with ourselves. I seemed to recollect very few such issues which I had taken up beyond this point. What a waste of time and resources that I should think of so many things which I never end up taking beyond the point of mere conjecture.

The same is happening to the concept that I am just discussing,…I have already digressed.

I need to listen. I need to listen without my tendencies clouding my mind. I need to get rid of vibrations. Vibrations of my thought which colour or sometimes obstruct the idea that is being put forth. I heard something which was interesting in this context. It goes like this,…”The ears are the only customers of the tongue”,…”Sometimes the tongue hear and the ears speak”. Very interesting,..in the sense that new dimensions are added to our understanding of things as ordinary as listening. Maybe that is the difference between hearing and listening. Our ears listen,..whereas ‘we’ listen. We listen to our minds as it tries to fit our tendencies on all that we feel through our sense organs. We are so much under the control of our tendencies. The question is,…why?,…what will follow later.


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