Day-2. Courtallam, Tirunelveli

We reached Courtallam at around three in the morning. Checked into a resort which belonged to one of my friends, Ponraj. The resort was nestled in a lane which had a decent black topping on it. Not too many pedestrians,…not too much traffic and a good view of the western ghats, situated in the district of Tirunelveli.

The main falls was mobbed by Sabarimala devotees yet again. Would like to avoid the tirade of how they pay very little concern to the resources being used and the kind of after-effects in the wake of their departure. The falls was a sight to see. The water is supposed to have medicinal properties. On closer observation, there are numerous lingas which have been carved out of the rockface and were camouflaged by the flowing water. This reminds me of an observation by someone I knew. He said that the linga is a representation of the male organ within the female organ. The conversation then moved on to how hindusim recognised copulation as a basis of spirituality. This needs to be expounded because the word ‘basis’ does not mean an underlying template, but rather a starting point for understanding our sexuality. It would be an interetsing observation that various sculptures in temples are carved with well endowed features with great attention to the female anatomy. To see these figurines in a place where attention is supposed to be on the deity is interesting. There must be an innuendo to a basic cognisance of sexuality here.

People who are familiar with the mystical chakras of the body will also be aware that the first chakra is centred around the copulatory organs. Too many co-incidences,…nah,…there must be an underlying thread. Will collaborate with many more observations at other temples.

 Had a refreshing bath at the falls and hogged on sumptous idlis, dosas and coconut chutney. A good bath and a stomach full of food is the perfect recipe for a good afternnon siesta. Thought about it for a while and we decided to sleep in the car while we were travelling, courtesy, our driver who had mischievously reminded my mother about a temple in the city of Tirunelveli which was supposed to be an experience in itself.



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  1. Was wondering if you had the crazy massage there… by the end of which you are full of oil and all sore from the sound thrashing at the hands of the masseur (never a masseuse)… it is fun though… i remember a friend of mine who was immensely hairy and a masseur came up and said…. “oru bottle poradu sir, moonu bottle venam”

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