I am at NCPA (National centre of performing arts), Nariman Point. I sit in a seat, completely drenched. The coolness moving from the top of my head, free flowing in it’s path and tingling in it’s effect. Coolnesss enveloped me completely and left me rapturous. Thanks to existence.

Rewind to childhood when I am in the transit bus, journeying towards school. Each bus had a couplet written by ‘Thiruvalluvar’, the Tamil poet. Saint ‘Thiruvalluvar’ lived more than a 1000 years ago. He is credited with having written on of the most versatile pieces of literature that I have come across. He has written 1337 couplets spanning subjects covering the entire gamut of human existence. The interesting part is that these couplets, like any other piece of art, reveal themselves only to the trained eye. What seems, will change when you experience it.

One couplets explains that when in the family, the wife remains faithful to the husband in the truest sense, then she would be capable of commanding rain to fall down on earth as and when she wishes. Now, I have read this long time before and it seemed unbelieveable. When I asked my elders, they said it is spiritual and the likes.

It took me bloody 15 years to understand it.

I went for a concert by an orchestra composed of international performers, being held at NCPA. I was late for the concert. Good for me, cuz I kept discovering. Quite fittingly, one cannot enter the performance between a performance. One has to wait for the performance to get over before entering the auditorium. I had to spend close to 15 minutes, standing near one of the entrances, listening to music trickling through the slit between the doors. It was a piece called ‘Requiem’ by Mozart. I started listening and listening some more. the music was so different. The notes were distinct. I could literally listen to different instruments and flit between them as I wished. I could step back and listen to the confluence of different instruments too.

The piece was soon over and I stepped in to take my seat. I looked around and was about to hurl myself into an analysis of my surroundings. I somehow restrained and decided that I will only be an observer. The clarinet blew into my ears like the delicate breeze a few hours before a heavy shower. This was a piece by ‘Tchaikovsky’. The music started to lull me into a gentle sway. I allowed the music to pull from my mind, instances called to the forth as reflections of the music playing on my ears.

Any crescendo reminded me of people who get increasingly agitated over trivial matters. Notes which flew up and down reminded me of someone dear moving over a didactic conversation, peppering advice with humour. Notes which flew downward reminded me of people moving away from me through series of misunderstandings and skirmishes. Slow notes reminded me of my mother stroking my hair as I lay on her lap. The climax reminded me of the continuum from a gentle breeze, gathering strength to become a strong breeze with the gentle pitter patter of drizzle followed by the refreshing thunder showers in the midst of a hot summer afternoon. The rain soaked me from head to toe and left me drenched. I was happy and I realized that this is rain, the rain of happiness.

Now I know what ‘Thiruvalluvar’ meant when he was talking about fidelity of the spouse in a family and the ability of such a spouse. He was referring to the state of affairs in such a family where the spouse confers happiness to such an extent that it is like the rain, which revives, maintains and confers life.

And I was soaked, and thankful. Thanks.


4 Responses

  1. As moving as the onset of rains on a parched ground… especially the allegorical interplay of music and life!

  2. Have nothing much to say matching the sentiment of what you wrote. How can I comment on what u felt during those hours …
    on your goosebumps…
    on the parsimony of expressions …

    All I can do is to quote a song sung by Colonial Cousins to throw some light on their perspective … As for my perspective, I always believe in “Into each life … some rain must fall” … Cheers

    Rain Clouds in the sky, ( I ) Don’t know why
    They make me blue, when I’m thinking of you

    Maybe they want to cry, As I walk on by
    Hiding my tears, in a world of good byes

    Love during summer rain, Causes no pain
    Cause I’m looking back, at you once again

    Memories crowding my mind, You’re one of a kind
    Life with out love, I’m helpless I’m dying

    Rain drops and dance, strange kind of romance
    I don’t know why (whether) to cry out loud, But I’m feeling fine
    Watch the rhythm of the rain falling down

    Rain drops and dance, strange kind of romance
    I don’t know why (whether) to cry out loud, But I’m feeling fine
    Watch the rhythm of the rain falling down

    Rain falling around, Its just the sound
    I like to here, when my hearts feeling down

    Try to smile once again, As they slash in my window pain
    I quiet like that, I don’t mind
    I’ve got no complaint

    Rain drops and dance, strange kind of romance
    I don’t know why (whether) to cry out loud, But I’m feeling fine
    Watch the rhythm of the rain falling down

  3. that soaking is ‘high’. do you still want to argue whether high is higher state of mind?

  4. hmm…like it too

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