No options!

I keep hearing people saying this quite often.

When I have a conversation, my colleagues, most of them end up telling me how uncomfortable they are with the present state of things. Problems this, problems that and then they move on to talk about the latest movie they saw or flaunt the latest electronic gadget that they have bought. Problems get washed away in a glass of wine, cup of beer or over desert. I keep looking and try to understand and they ask me,…’Arey why are you silent?’.



5 Responses

  1. You also Blink a lot while u are silent … Or they might be concerned that their good friend must have got an attack of Aphasia or they must be worried that their erstwhile friend who was such an intelligent guy has turned dumb! 😛

  2. *erstwhile intelligent friend*

  3. Doc – people love to crib! Haven’t you understood that much about human nature?

  4. oh man! How much we need them…else we miss the entertainment 😉

  5. Mmm,…I wish I could listen,..and people would let me listen,…I want my silence,…

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