Time & Again

Wind swirling and lifting, beating up a fine lather of sand.

Laughter floating in the air, mixing up with abstractions of happiness and timeless bits of the mother.

Ropes and threads, tilting and lifting the soul as and when.

Bricks and mortar, patching and making way to flesh, as shadows move.

Voices in the air, lives come and go.

Rocks on the beach, tide making way and coming back in equal time.

Leaves tilting their heads, ethereal light maestring a fine performance.

Water is around, leading life in it’s wake.

Salt and sweat, playful interludes.

I am you and we are us.

Time & Again.

Be with me and leave me when I am asleep.


One Response

  1. knock knock – doc ?
    abstractions it was and even more abstract now…

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