We must have heard the philosophy of life being unpredictable,…teenage rants against deterministic outlook towards life.

Analyze this.

Balmy Sunday morn. Lazy room mates all over the place. Some sleepin in the hall,…some in other rooms. I try to wake them up and get them moving for a shopping jaunt to town. What was planned at 9:30 moved on to 11:15. Whim of Ashwin ‘the voice’ Bapat caused us to take a cab to Dadar for the only reason that he wanted to. We got down on the east side of Dadar, proceeded to catch a train to ChurchGate. I wanted to move on without a ticket. My friends, with moralistic overtones wanted tickets done inspite of the long queues. We got tickets and were accosted by officials for being on the wrong bridge. Can you imagine being caught with valid tickets on the wrong bridge? Yeah, it happened and we paid a fine of Rs 500 for it. Unbelievable.

Next, we proceed to ChurchGate and purchase a couple of garments. Was planning to go to a movie which got unexpectedly screwed up because somebody else screwed up. The book stall was closed and we just drifted into a sea food restaurant. We then picked up our stuff and boarded a train to Andheri. It started raining. Enjoyed the rain. My whacko friend wanted to get wet and so did we. Picked up a couple of burgers, got wet and returned home to my cozy bed.

To look back at the day,…I literally push my friends out of bed, my friend makes me take a taxi,…some more make me get tickets,..we pay fines inspite of having tickets,….the book stall was closed,…the sea food was delicious,…the rain was wonderful,…the burgers were awesome.

Can you ever be ready for LIFE?


5 Responses

  1. You never mentioned my name in your blog forget dedicating posts for me (which by the way you have done for others) … just a shadow trail which seemed like a condescending largess which I am happy coz I never wanted that “adjective” before my name

    You also made us look like sloth and yourself the victim.
    You cut down on the part where we convinced the other guy to come with us to Church Gate.
    You also forgot the part where u made us walk to the fountain.
    Not to forget, you also made us eat in a Udipi restaurant. And also, the burgers was ur idea. You didn’t even let me buy cigarettes.

    Is it Life or You? Or is it Life Vs. You?

  2. Ur take man!

  3. Ok! Lets have a take 2 ….. Cutttttt…

    Take 2 Scene 1:

    It was a funny day seriously … loved every bit of it … though there were some bummer moments … And I don’t think life dictates us coz whatever happens happens at our will … life just gives u options that too depending on what we have chosen in the previous event … finally we choose what we wanna do ..

    Regarding u mentioning me in ur blog … I was kidding … I don’t need that macha!

  4. Doc yOu have a nice life and friends, well look at me i took a flight to b’lore to see that ugly old hag Mr. Tyler, (i didnt think so when i left mumbai, but reality caught up soon) who was ugly but not fun, he even jumped half naked, and i couldnt even see him as tall men as tall as 6’7 came stood in front of me. and the hag jumped again not knowing that I cant see him. Anyways cant complain about life had a nice time and I paid for it.

  5. True dude…

    U never know what is in store for you. Better to grab all the opportunities that come across…

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