Madame ‘M’


Was on a jog. Early morning traffic. Shiv joggin by my side,…’What do expect from your spouse?’. I yearned to say feminity. I did give a decent answer which was close to what I had in mind.

Chatting today morning. Discussion about why I was interested in knowing somebody. And I was again reminded of feminity.

I let my mind loose and feminty unfurled itself in the gentle breeze of imagination. Feminity was a picture. Feminity was a painting. If I am walking on the streets of my mind, feminity would make me slow down. Feminity would immerse my rambunctious thoughts with it’s gentle sweep. Feminity would spontaneously curve my lips in the realisation that there is more to life. Feminity would make me look around for someone to share. Feminity would make me look at the sky above, the ground below and thank all in between. Feminity would be a painting, and it would bring joy to all who chance their thoughts on it’s immense scape.

Is feminity a woman? Yes, it is.


10 Responses

  1. dude good one – quite insightful -although would like to know more in detail abt ur answer to shiv :-))) will think and add on to what u have written obviously in another space -this is all ur thoughts N’cest pas!!! i dont know whether i got that french phrase right -vaise u have written no comments and still phn be bola give comments -so here it is!!!

  2. that was flamboyantly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my salute to the feminity in your mind

  3. All I can say is you are more than ready for marriage 🙂


  4. Like I said,…feminity is a concept,… need not be an end,….could be more of a means to an end. Cheers to you too.

  5. M??

  6. Love the poetry in the picture though! And yeah, the feminity too…

  7. i’m sorry, but feminity is not a word. the word that you meant to write your trite little ode to is femininity. read some simone de beauvoir… your ideas of womanhood are constructed by the power holders of society– men.

  8. I can respond to each one of your objections,…in the end there are as many points of view as you wish to be,…why do all that when you can just ‘free fall’???!!

  9. Where do you post your thoughts GIGI??

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