Had about an hour and a half to kill in between meetings, in Madras.

Set out to Ramakrishna Math situated in Mandaveli. I returned to this place afer a gap of close to 5 years. Memories apart, I went to the free footwear stall and deposited my footwear there. I cam out of the stall to see a few women chit chatting in a low tone and going in a direction which led to the rear of the Math. I did not apply myself to the phenomenon and proceeded inside the Math. I sat down somewhere only to be disturbed by an elderly gentleman who liked it for the apparent reason that he could place his bag in a comfortable position (??!). I got disurbed by a phone call next and had to come outside the Math to attend the call. As I was speaking over the telephone I realised that the women were going in circles around the Math.

I felt rage and laughter at the same time. Rage that they would forget the point of coming to the Math and go around in circles as they would any other Temple in South India, and laughter that they wait in the precincts while all the action is inside. When will knowledge shine on them so that they may embrace all that is to offer.

What is religion?

Religion is each unto themselves!

Where is my paper? 


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