This is one big failure. I mean there are failures which stare you in the face and then there are those which go unnoticed and are just standing by, looking around, irrespective of whether you take notice or not. Relationships usually fall into the second category. It is because relationships take time and relationships are never very predictable. Owing to selective retention, we can assume whatever we want to and then one fine day, it all falls down like a pile of bricks.

I think I have failed as a brother. I knew it for quite some time, all the while praying that it is otherwise. I have failed because I have been reduced to a decorative item in a relationship strained by distances. I have failed because of reasons beyond my control, but it hurts that it should happen to me. Think as I may that it doesn’t matter, I cannot but feel bad about a relationship that took more than half my age to grow and wither. Somebody once told me that I take myself too seriously. I would say that I take only myself seriously. All others are beyond me. I hope you understand the differemce between pomposity and attempts at rationalisation.

I am searching,

Among the pile of bricks,

Bricks with some marks,

Not of age, but of maturity,…

Why search some may ask,

I search because I feel,…

I have a right to,

Don’t I?


One Response

  1. The trees rustle
    Even the sea roars
    Clouds retaliate with thunders
    Boiling water seethes with steam
    Hot iron hisses with pain if put in water
    Nuts and bolts creak with age overpowering them

    They all want to be heard
    Have you ever heard the moon wailing?

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