August 15th, 2007.

I laze on my sofa with work to do and am watching television. I flip channels and happen to see a rendition of the Indian National Anthem by Pandit Chaurasia. I stand up in attention as I consider myself patriotic for one, and that standing up for the National Anthem to be an expression of patriotism.

I lie down on the sofa once i is over and flip channels to see the same anthem being played out on some other channel. It is not long before I realise that the same rendition will be played out throughout the day in various channels.

I am now thinking if it is patriotic to stand up for the Anthem throughout the day when it is played on various channels. The second question is the very objective of playing the National Anthem throughout the day on various channels. Is independence day a ruse for BharatBala productions to make a fancy rendition of the National Anthem when all I end up doing is change the channel whenever I see it, because of fatigue?

No wonder the media is increasingly losing it’s image in different walks of life.


One Response

  1. Simbly South solution to your problem no 1:

    DON’T FLIP CHANNELS, just stick to ONE …

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