Me ‘n’ you

Standing outside the Anna International Airport, Chennai. Witnessing another batch of Indians in the process of exodus to America. Among the couple of things running through my mind, I wanted to know how my cousin sister, Mahalakshmi, was handling relationships in her life. I was curious.

Started speaking to her and she said something very interesting.

‘If you want to know the why of everything, you might miss out on the moment’

I guess that is very true. But on the flip side, I do not want to mix a casual attitude to life with ‘living in the moment’. I am not sure if I know what living in the moment means. It might mean doing what you like best without too much thought about the consequences of your actions. I am not sure about this definition, but this is the popular notion that I can see whenever this topic comes up for discussion. I ponder if it is merely an expression of frustration or an expression of submission or rather a suppliant attitude towards ‘fate’.

Any ideas?


2 Responses

  1. The answer is right now

  2. it is quite contextual – maybe on a holiday or once in a while one can “live in the moment”
    but then broadly speaking i agree with you that
    one should think and question abt most of the
    important decisions in life although some people
    might question my view!!!

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