Reflections of the mind

I had listed some things that I had wanted to do after comin over to Madras. One of those was to make a sketch atleast once a month. Two days back, I had this image of a man kneeling down and trying to get up. I used the same image to make a sketch today. Strangely, I added a singular lamp for light and the man was actually trying to get up in the direction of the light. There is a shroud like darkness throughout and the man and the lamp are the only two objects in the sketch. When I had completed it, I realised that the sketch reflected what I am going through.

I am striving under certain constraints to reach a goal. It is so interesting that Art reflects life. In the sense, saying it one thing and seeing it is another.

Very interesting.

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3 Responses

  1. it is a profound thought dude- but then what abt
    people like me who are not artistically endowed
    – abstract art/modern art :-))))

  2. Ok! Now that’s a great revelation – when you’re working on something and totally oblivious of the fact that subliminally you’re sketching yourself … It’s eerie but it’s nice. I guess these kind of experience will happen to you all the time in this new phase of your life … it soon shall become an obsession .. Probably then u will get there !!!

    By the way, there is a very nice word for playing with light and shade in sketching – “Chiaroscuro”

  3. Take a scan and share it machan

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