Scene 1:

Friend to me: “…Don’t be romantic with women…”

Scene 2:

Friend to me: “…Why can’t you just have fun…”

They may seem disjoint. Maybe a little bit of context will help. Time and again I have felt this overpowering boredom when I am forced to indulge in banter. This is particularly the case with people whom I have never or seldom met. I get bored in matter of few minutes, unless the person I am speaking to is as genuine in the conversation, as I consider myself to be.

I believe in conversations and would like to share. I am equally demanding with the person I am speaking to. Under these circumstances, I find it difficult to smile and languish my time when nothing catches my attention. When something catches my attention, I am interested, and my interest shows. I behave irrespective of creed and gender. It is my misfortune that people weighed down by social prejudices have to misinterpret my interest and this has been the reason for many a misadventure in the social realm.

Recently, I had come across an interesting person and had been quite frank in my expressions. Why would I care if she is engaged or about to marry. I never knew it in the first place and my intentions were never in conflict with those constructs. Unfortunately, fiction played it out differently and my interest became a shadow of what it truely was.

When paper burns all the truth dies with it. Ashes are all that remain.


2 Responses

  1. ur rather blunt at times – and get bored quite
    easily – although i must find out more abt this
    interesting person!!!

  2. Ashes to Ashes
    Dust to dust
    Pandering to others
    Is not a must….

    I remember you telling me that one must not try to please everyone. Once you said that quite a few women, when you talk to them, considers your behavior to be a sexual overture. There will be umpteen things like this… I used to think about this a lot. But now I feel I am free. Luckily, my family don’t have expectations from me and I feel free to express behave in the way I want now, however being responsible in the same time. Sometimes I wanna fly away to a world wherein you are never judged, wherein you don’t get hurt and hurt others … wherein you can be as honest as anyone can be …

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