Done n dusted!

Get up early, blog regularly, exercise regularly-oh wow,…that feels good. Getting there.

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Mera yaar ki shaadhi!

I am looking over my friends shoulder and he tells me that he has made up his mind. He says that he is going to marry his girlfriend of over four years. She is right next to him and I ask him if he has told her. He tells her right in front of me and her happiness know no bounds. I cannot be any happier. All my time with this chap boils down to this one moment when he proposes to his future wife while I look on. I feel like a priest in a church and I wanted to say- ‘Now you may kiss the bride’

And he did. May this moment last forever my friend.image016-right-one.jpg

No thanks!

See a couple of people who have been very interesting in the sense that they bring fresh perspectives to the mind.

The conversation is between my mechanic and myself. He has serviced my bike for over 7 years. My bike (Splendor-1997-97 c.c) has done over 1,10,000 kms. It gives me a mileage of close to 62-64 kmpl and can reach a top speed of 95 kmph. It reflects more on the mechanic than on my riding. Continue reading

Morn@2500 mts above mean sea level


Drizzle in the air.

Ululations in the landscape.

Wood crackling in the hearth.

Booze in my veins.

Like iron being worked in a furnace,…ideas are born.

I speak and forget at the same time.

Two to tango, but one to live.

Thick scent of blood, sure is thicker than water.

Mind is free and the shroud of life is but a thin veil.

Wander for a moment, what seems like a moment.

Back in a few hours.

I sing to myself,

“C’mon baby light my fire!”

Oh Man!


Smell of beer in my mug,

Mug is empty and none around,

The beats are but echoes in my wires,

Dark in the fore,

Legs astride and my hands akimbo,

Aware of the hours and the mist of Gold,

Matter of time before shadows become life.


People around here,…or maybe everywhere,…


It’s been more than two months since I started my journey of enterpreunership. It has been a rough ride ever since. But I have learnt more in these two months than I can remember about business from school.

There are no frameworks in ground zero. No fancy terminologies about an oraganisation. There is no business plan, nor are there financials. All the jargon learnt over 18 months at a business school suddenly pale into insignificance. They do not make sense to your customer when you are starting from the bottom. People do not want to look at cash flows after five years nor are they looking at growth in non-traditional terms. People seem to have developed habits and they do not want to break them in the eye of uncertainty. The biggest obstacle, as always, in a matter of human development, is mindset. The driving goal is utility.

The conundrum is that utility in a non-traditional fashion takes time to make itself evident. But habits does not let us peer into the crystal of imagination. Now someone tell me what comes first.

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