Mera yaar ki shaadhi!

I am looking over my friends shoulder and he tells me that he has made up his mind. He says that he is going to marry his girlfriend of over four years. She is right next to him and I ask him if he has told her. He tells her right in front of me and her happiness know no bounds. I cannot be any happier. All my time with this chap boils down to this one moment when he proposes to his future wife while I look on. I feel like a priest in a church and I wanted to say- ‘Now you may kiss the bride’

And he did. May this moment last forever my friend.image016-right-one.jpg


2 Responses

  1. Sonething which I wrote for two people in a similar situation as you are in … but then something happened and the vanilla skies turned grey… this poem was written for them and nobody has ever seen it .. but then they have no use for it now … Hope ur friends stay happy together 🙂

    Congent, crisp, clear everything should be
    Closure and coherence are enchantingly desirable
    Permanece is linked with certainity
    Is this what sweet dreams are meant to be?

    Hope floats where love floats
    A strange mixture of follies, pleasure, ghosts and vices

    A frission of ecstacy shot through me
    When i walked in those clouds
    Always had i known
    The clouds are not permanent
    They shift along with the tides of time
    Leaving me hanging between two realms – hopelessness and anticipation

    Yet i always wonder
    Rather realised
    When love floats – everything else just founders
    For a second or a lifetime
    It dosent matter
    The vanilla sky and the clouds remain forever

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