No thanks!

See a couple of people who have been very interesting in the sense that they bring fresh perspectives to the mind.

The conversation is between my mechanic and myself. He has serviced my bike for over 7 years. My bike (Splendor-1997-97 c.c) has done over 1,10,000 kms. It gives me a mileage of close to 62-64 kmpl and can reach a top speed of 95 kmph. It reflects more on the mechanic than on my riding.

Me: You are such a talented mechanic. I would definitely suggest that you pass on your art to more people in your time.

X: I am a tired man. I am not able to maintain and run my business. I have to turn back customers because I am not able to do justice to their vehicles.

Me: I have not seen a mechanic who treats each vehicle as if it were his own. I can see that you never park vehicles of your customers in the sun. I can see the care with respect to very minute details in the vehicle over the period of over 7 years that I have been your customer. We need more of such people around. I can see bikes being torn apart by people and mechanics alike in the name of faulty services, badly planned modifications and the likes. I can help you plan the whole affair and you could have a bigger facility with more people who can learn the art from you.

X: I have never had such dreams. I have never worked for money. Whatever I am today is because of the man who taught me this trade. He taught me to love the machine and treat it like his own. I love to see the engine move, like a beautiful being where sound replaces light. I can feel the engine and tell you where the blood is stuck. I love my job and will keep doing it. I have had the good chance to teach a few people and my job ends there.

Me: I would like to help you. Is there anything that I can do for you?

X: Don’t dispose of your bike. It is dear to me.

What do I say of this man. He is honest to the core. His charges have been low and he has always beaten inflation to the advantage of the customer. He speaks from the heart and people travle upto 20 kms to offer their vehicles so that he may inject new life into them. I am tempted to cry foul over people who are bloodthirsty for money and success without detail to something very important. It is called ‘The Job’.

He is a true example of the concept is the Githa which translates into concentration on the work and not the fruits of your actions. He is a ‘Karma Yogi’.


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