Isn’t it funny?

Isn’t it funny that books have prices printed on them?

Context: Was looking for a book in a second hand bookstall which also sells new books. Happend to chance on a good book which was coming for a cheap price owing to it’s age. I was looking around for some more books and saw a lot of books which seemed like they had nothing but fresh ink between the covers, which were many times more expensive than the one I had in my hand.

I went home to a friend’ place and was in the middle of relieving myself when it suddenly struck me that the pricing mechanisms was making no sense to me. We have an old book which may be thick or thin, five years old or ten years old. The price is decided in a very arbitrary fashion based on factors which are totally unrelated to it’s content. I find it damn funny.

Wht is the role of content?

Can;t find my papaer though,…been some time.


This one is for Preethi Pupala

Wrinkles on the snow,

T’is but an instant,

Ephermeral as the dew,

Like drops which escape the ledge,

Diaphanous as thoughts,

Close to my heart,

The tongue speaks and the ears listen,

What could be sweeter?

Than the mirth tht u spread??? (Preethi,….)


A roster of commercials that I (we) grew up on,…


Miss Priya Pupala,….


Q:Would you be okay to live your entire life with a woman just because she is a great conversationalist

A:To be honest, I sincerely believe that life shud be best lived in seeking and sharing. Due to certain circumstances, we have to act differently.

Q:how much weightage will you give to conversations in your relationships

A:I would love to give the most weightage to conversations in my relationships.

Q:are we totally on different planes

A:We might come from different planes, but we cud still converge.

Q:Are you talking about conversations with yourself or communes with nature? Or are you just talking about conversations adding flare to what is called life?

A: Conversations that we have with ourselves, in my opinion, are the most fruitful and the most satisfying. Yet, the wavering mind has to seek solace in things without. After all, we are a social animal, by conditioning.

Thanks buddy!


“The power of conversations,…is that I write because I feel when I speak,…looking around for some more people,…some more conversations,…some more life,…”

5 common words

The 4 most common words that I see amongst blog pages

1. Ramblings

2. Rants

3. Random

4.Time, space, shadows etc etc

Dialogue between X & Y

X: Arey, have u updated ur blog?

Y: I don’t know why, but I do not see anything interesting…..I am not inspired to write anything man

The reason for pointing out these two, seemingly unrelated observations is that people are knowingly / unknowingly a bundle of contradictions. The contradictions are based purely on the altar of the concept of self-identity, popularly known as ego.

On one side the blogging space is comprised of people who write about such trivial things that I sometimes wonder what is the whole point. On the other side we have people who do not see anything in the environment around them. I am not able to fathom if it is due to insensitivity or plain laziness that people can be so vanillaisc in their approach to life.

To address the above question on a personal front, ….oops!