5 common words

The 4 most common words that I see amongst blog pages

1. Ramblings

2. Rants

3. Random

4.Time, space, shadows etc etc

Dialogue between X & Y

X: Arey, have u updated ur blog?

Y: I don’t know why, but I do not see anything interesting…..I am not inspired to write anything man

The reason for pointing out these two, seemingly unrelated observations is that people are knowingly / unknowingly a bundle of contradictions. The contradictions are based purely on the altar of the concept of self-identity, popularly known as ego.

On one side the blogging space is comprised of people who write about such trivial things that I sometimes wonder what is the whole point. On the other side we have people who do not see anything in the environment around them. I am not able to fathom if it is due to insensitivity or plain laziness that people can be so vanillaisc in their approach to life.

To address the above question on a personal front, ….oops!


5 Responses

  1. The point was that I was contradicting myself and that contradictions are a way of life, very much like the common place saying that roses and the thorns (of the stalk) exist together.

  2. I also wanted to see if an absurd post got any comments,…:-)

  3. There can be other reasons why people write/don’t write blogs … my blogpost in the previous comment tells u my reasons for long haitus between posts …

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