Q:Would you be okay to live your entire life with a woman just because she is a great conversationalist

A:To be honest, I sincerely believe that life shud be best lived in seeking and sharing. Due to certain circumstances, we have to act differently.

Q:how much weightage will you give to conversations in your relationships

A:I would love to give the most weightage to conversations in my relationships.

Q:are we totally on different planes

A:We might come from different planes, but we cud still converge.

Q:Are you talking about conversations with yourself or communes with nature? Or are you just talking about conversations adding flare to what is called life?

A: Conversations that we have with ourselves, in my opinion, are the most fruitful and the most satisfying. Yet, the wavering mind has to seek solace in things without. After all, we are a social animal, by conditioning.

Thanks buddy!


2 Responses

  1. “Due to certain circumstances, we have to act differently” – what do you mean by this? If you could elucidate..

    Also, when you said that conversations with oneself are the most satisfying and somehow conversations with others is a resultant of wavering mind, you have associated a negative connotation (read regret) while saying so. After all I believe is not that bad .. perceptions if not perspectives are required sometimes … a lot of perceptions become colored if we just observe and not communicate (there are cases of being biased as you say)

  2. Society is the condition that I am talking about,…and there is no negative connatation in the way I have put forward things. Is there a negative connatation in talking about indulgence??!

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