Isn’t it funny?

Isn’t it funny that books have prices printed on them?

Context: Was looking for a book in a second hand bookstall which also sells new books. Happend to chance on a good book which was coming for a cheap price owing to it’s age. I was looking around for some more books and saw a lot of books which seemed like they had nothing but fresh ink between the covers, which were many times more expensive than the one I had in my hand.

I went home to a friend’ place and was in the middle of relieving myself when it suddenly struck me that the pricing mechanisms was making no sense to me. We have an old book which may be thick or thin, five years old or ten years old. The price is decided in a very arbitrary fashion based on factors which are totally unrelated to it’s content. I find it damn funny.

Wht is the role of content?

Can;t find my papaer though,…been some time.


3 Responses

  1. Well, the ignoramus lurks in every sphere of our life wreaking havoc in things that are supposed to be ideal … See what they have done to literature, to books …. People find Paolo Coleho’s philosophy life-changing whereas Camus and Kant lies on the dark corners of landmark … you can also find the rare print (it’s not printed anymore) of Steppenwolf in fountain (South Bombay) for 60 bucks …

    The ignoramus yes …. and ignorance is crime …. sorry state is you can’t pinpoint a single person as a criminal .. ignorance doesn’t come out as a person … it comes out as a society … Ignorant is plural ….

  2. Content…contentment…big words…never understood them.

    Overall nice observation ra dubbukku….even I have been intrigued by the book business that you mention.

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