Have you?


I do not know how to put it in words,…Lemme try

There are these moments when I feel so far away from the people around me,…It is not a matter of distance,…it is a matter of familiarity and in this space I feel so close to somebody.

My point of discussion is that I do not know who this is,…I do not know if it is one of my friends who are so far away from me. I do not know if it is somebody I have lost touch with. I do not know if it is somebody I am yet to meet.

I see the frost on my car windshield which is fleeting as the moment and I am reminded of this connection. I try hard to concentrate and find out some more,…but I have never succeeded.

I do not know if this makes sense,…it is almost like a wrong number,…you never know who you are talking to and the chance of talking to the same person is like close to zero. There is no purpose in the conversation and the mind is so disturbed that we hardly speak any sense and end up apologising for the mistake and cut the call as soon as possible. The irony is that it is nobody’s mistake. Even the telephone company would put it om the wrong side of their six sigma curve. That seals it.

But the feeling lingers and the aromas are deep in my mind.

The context when they repeat are never predictable. It might be a traffic intersection,…it might be gentle breeze on the sea front,…I have very little clue about the stimulus,…but one thing which is common is the strong sense of disconnect that I feel when I chew on these feelings,…

Even the sense of disconnect becomes ironical in that sometimes I realise that there was no coherence in my role as compared to the situation to start with. There was nothing to start with,…and the shadow-boxer plays as a sort of wake-up call,…

Sounds messy like noodles,…just munch on it and wash it down with a cup of milk,…



One Response

  1. For once I don’t wanna comment on the content of ur post except for the last line “….just munch on it and wash it ….”
    First you write something that might make sense to some and then u throw a “Sounds messy like noodles …” at them to confound them (?) and then say “… munch on it …”

    If I am not wrong, you are a very personal writer and to tell you the truth I respect most personal writers when they do it without having a preconditions and with flamboyance. You might/will make sense to a lot of people if you stop doing what I mentioned above.

    P.S. Milk …. O my God …..

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