Baby, what time is it?

Am back to my groove. Working at few minutes past two in the wee hours of the day.

My mother tells me that this habit started when I was really young. I was a playful kid and my father was studying for one of his continuing education courses (as he is still today, though for some other reasons), and he was trying to find some way to make me read up for my class the next day. As I am today, I never studied for my classes until it was ABSOLUTELY imperative for me to do so. Since he had to study for his sessions, he thought he can simultaneously sit by my side and make me study. My mother was happy that she could off-load this headache of making me study onto my father. My father found a way to spend time with me after his hectic office hours.

Little did they realise that they would start a habit that would remain to this day. Habit survived my school, college, post-graduation and my work. To be honest my brain starts to get in shape in the later part of the day and seems to peak towards the night. I sometimes feel that I am working according to time in the U.S. Pretty strange that I should behave in this way.

But, here I am, writing this post when most others of my ilk would have dozed off with plans for the next day working in their mind.  Maybe I was meant to be an owl. Maybe I was meant to be a smuggler or something. Maybe I was supposed to be a night-watchman or something. Whatever it is, I am just loving it.

Let me be and I need to find my papers. Been some time.


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