Zapped in Bangalore!

We have dime a dozen portals for information about Bangalore. But something which catches my attention about all these sites is the generic nature of information and the lack of any specificity. They create more clutter than actually helping out any particular search for information. They seem to suffer from the same problem as with statistical information provided by the Government of India. We can get information about a lot of topics, but the relevance and usefulness of the information is circumspect.

So for a person like me who has just shifted into Bangalore, there is ample information about everything, but most of it is useless and/ or outdated. Just yesterday I had a look at a ‘Bangalore shopping guide’. I wanted to buy a pair of jeans and I look in the shopping section and there listings only for expensive, designer stores. I am simply not able to understand on what basis they have decided that only people with loads of disposable money will look up a shopping guide which doesn’t seem to expensive.

Data data everywhere, not a drop of data which makes sense. Forget the ‘rhyme’ for a moment. Will ya?


2 Responses

  1. lol ya i have tried to ignore the rhyme for now.. i faced similar probs when i shifted to blr.. bestthing to do ask friends or simply take a walk through places like jayanagar, commercial street, koramanagla.. u will find cheap shopping places with good stuff!

  2. Will do that one of these days,…

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