black is not empty

Twilight zone and breeze in the air. Breeze gains strength to rustle the leaves. Steady hum in the air. The heat recedes from the clutches of the day which is dying by the minute. Life lays still for a brief whistle from the trees.

Leaves are touched by threads, woven in knots by distant thoughts. Form moves in the strength as personified by the better half of shakth. Tresses traipse down in the wake of energy, smothered by oil tenderly strewn half a day ago. She is walking away with her back as foil for my fancies. She is wrapped in a black saree which seem to drown everything that I feel for her. Thoughts seem to reach her and she stops for a moment.

A gentle movement and she turns with her brightness making itself evident over her shoulder. Graceful hand makes itself felt on the branches of the tree nearby. She gingerly shifts her lovable hips and lets the tree hold her for one eternal moment.She looks up and seems to sense my presence in the air. She pauses for a moment, as though teasing me.

She turns to show her full face and her beautiful nose ring shines like the half moon on a clear night. While her lips play with my eyes, I stand in abeyance, in fear of the moment when she would turn back to leave me forlorn.

The wind turns abruptly and she responds on the quick. She turns with her saree trailing behind those dainty steps. In the folds of her saree, she carries my hope that I will see a night like this,…yet again.


4 Responses

  1. For a moment I thought it was a cross between edgar allen poe and ramsay brothers … hahahah

    Well what you wrote seems like you have an attraction towards death and anything which is forlorn …

  2. Black is not empty,…black is not nothingness,…black could be concentration to an extent that nothing is discrete,…black could be everything,…

  3. Well I am not an authority to say what Black is … I just quoted frm what signifies Black in common parlance (books on psychology and some so called experts) … After all you never know … what can become what … it’s all in discovery and all in time …

  4. I will write abt this in my next post thn,…

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