Feel like a human being

Travelling down outer ring road. Saw an accident victim in the first few minutes post-accident. He was right below the rear end of a lorry. His bike was badly smashed in the front and so was he. He was bleeding from the nose and his ear. Not very good signs. Parked my bike by the side of the road and tried to see if some first aid was possible. I weaved my way through oncoming cars to beg for a first aid kit. No car would stop in the first place and nobody would even look at my supplicative self.

Got a first aid kit, only to realise that nobody was calling for an ambulance. As I was dialling for an ambulance, I realised that a better idea would be to just put him in an auto and get him to the nearest hospital. Rushed him to a hospital nearby. Docs, the real ones, told me he was sloshed. Retrieved his phone and called up his friends. They were there in 20 minutes and once I was confident that they could take care, I left.

One of his friends thanked me. I said that it was normal to help. He said he had seen a guy dead on the road because people hadn’t helped. It all boiled down to the golden hour, the first one hour post-injury.

Things which stuck on my mind are that the people who helped were people on two-wheelers and pedestrians. It included the auto driver who did not mind blood on the rear seat of his auto and the possibility of a police hassle if asked to bear witness. No car stopped. People in cars would just peer and drive away. I can understand what might have run through their minds. But it is sad that people assume such things would not happen to them.

But at the end of the day, I felt this is the first worthwhile thing that I have ever done. I consider saving a life to be next only to education when you transform lives. And though I am a doctor, who has not practised in three years, I am still not in the business of saving lives. This felt immensely satisfying.

Thank god I was there.


9 Responses

  1. I think your a wonderful blessing to this world..Peace be with you always…

  2. Thank you too!

  3. Knowing you I needn’t eulogize. But incidents like these are rare in life when you get the chance of saving a life. Sounds a little selfish but indeed most good deeds are selfish … kinda in a redemption way … Sadly most people don’t even do this … Healthmagic that way is excellent … will be nothing like it if you introduce a emergency service …

  4. Nice blog.That is great.You are not like others who would mind their business while travelling on a busy road like ring road.

  5. Thanks,…I can totally understand.

  6. Hey cool…you are blessed to get opportunity to help your fellow being…Its overwhelming and inspiring.

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