Zapped in Bangalore Part-II

Traffic Light Tree

Originally uploaded by Simon-K

Ruminating about the poor information available for a new-comer to a city like Bangalore. Managed to pull myself for a couple of weeks before a as yet surmountable problem becomes more problematic.

Traffic. There is no other word which brings more consternation to any resident in this city other than probably the last chief minister of this place. I used to complain about Mumbai’s infrastructure. After seeing Bangalore, I am not sure if it is that bad. Mumbai leaves you with very little options to commute. Bangalore offers you with some more options, but one is done for anyways.Because after nearly a month in Bangalore, my throat has gone sore and my back has started aching because of the protracted time spent waiting for the traffic to smoothen out. It has sort of never happened unless I am travelling after 12 in the night. Think about it.

I am fairly consicous about my health and that forces me to think that whatever good I do by jogging at 7 in the morning is more or less undone by the fumes I inhale at that time of the day.At the cost of being fatalistic, I do think that we are all dead in the long run.

I am not too keen on complaining, but just a thought, which has occupied significant mind-space in recent times. I do not know if I can do much about it. Good to hear that some residents of bangalore are planning to put up some of their candidates for municipal elections so that they can do something about what people like me just write about.


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