Doc n Doc

Last few minutes of the day. Fatigue in my nerves and a good buddy beside my glass of vodka.

Me: But what happened today at work?

Anoop: Chuck work man,..let’s discuss something else.

Me: What do you think about the saree man? I love the saree. I have not seen any decent research on this piece of garment which has attracted me so much. I mean there is so much to it. It can be used in a lot of ways from being conservative to being amorous.

Anoop: Know what,…in Kerala the saree has evolved so much and for that matter the ‘mundu’ is what used to be and the blouse is a addition of recent years

Me: Yeah man, that reminds me about a recent Supreme court judgement in which the judge had compared the addition of a blouse in the attire of women with Kerala to justify the ban on Jallikattu in Tamilnadu. And I am kind of mixed man in my response to it.

Anoop: But these kinds of things are part of the socio-cultural milieu. We have the huge spanish bulls which are let loose on the streets every year, and of course we have the matadors and bull-fights.

Me: Kerala is a beautiful place man

Anoop: You should visit Kerala once man. I will take you to some beautiful places which are not mainstream.

Me: India is a beautiful country. I mean,…we have so much variety and so much to discover in this country.

Anoop:One of my friends who stays in the U.S commented about the hypocrisy of India. That was the last straw. I mean people get so enamoured with that country.

Me: Yeah man,..think about it,..most of my cousins are in the U.S and some more are work in progress. I simply do not understand. Our country will soon be a country of faggots, old buggers who have sent their kids to the U.S and a few patriots like us.

Anoop: U shud visit Kerala once man. It is a beautiful place.

Data loss due to muddled mind…

Anoop: But why don’t people understand the potential that is India. I mean we know english, are intelligent. Soon we can become a 24/7 nation man. Catering to the needs of the entire world.

Me: But what about that cable which got cut a few days back? We shud sue Egypt man.

Data loss again

Anoop: Let’s call her man

Me: Let me get her number

We lambast a fellow mallu over the phone. Drunken laughter.

Me: Let’s go and talk to Zerin.

Drunken Hi to Zerin and Abhisar.

Expression of surprise and mocking smiles on the face. Expression of “Bloody drunkards on face”

Me: Well done Gerrad,…

Loud guffaws of laughter from Anoop and Abhisar. I am anywayz laughing at my joke.

Me: Tell me one thing, why do u watch a match between teams which are only bound by a thread of financial considerations?

Somebody in the room agrees with me

Me: There is no such thing as a team Liverpool or Team Arsenal. Why do u watch these matches man?

Anoop: And Liverpool is such a small place man. I mean, not even the size of Kerala. Kerala is a beautiful place man. How can u respect a team which names itself after that place man? (Laughs at his own joke,..I don’t remember if I laughed or not)

Data loss due to u know what

Me: We never had dinner

Anoop: Didn’t we have dinner?

Me: I am going to have dinner.

Anoop: But didn’t we have dinner?

Data loss due to u know what?

Zerin: When did u guys start drinking?

Anoop: I drink MC because it is cheap

Me: Why don’t u drink with us?




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