Tirupathi-what’s in a name?

Think for a moment,…what if I described my memories of an event as disparate panes from my mind. Would it sound like this?

“…What’s in a name is what people say (not ask). Tirupathi is wondrous memories for me…”

“…Memories of an early morning train from Madras. Boisterous crowds inside the train. Train getting empty as we reach Tirupathi. All that has given way to me boarding a bus alone from Bangalore to Tirupathi where I was supposed to meet my folks and my sister’s family…”

“…Deepshika (my baby niece) was somehow not very comfortable in this change of location. She took it well though. All she wanted was her rattle and some attention. If only our needs were as simple as hers…”
“…Weather was balmy and the crowd was manageable. Tirupathi has changed a bit in the last few years. Lots of space has been created and most of the shops which used to be situated in front of the Gopuram (with the entrance) have been done away with. There are increasingly sophisticated systems of frisking and checking the inflow of people and material into the temple. Takes more time to reach the Sanctum sanctorum…”

“…Nothing can take away the serenity of the place. Gentle carnatic music floating in the air. Couple of brahmins moving about. Lotsa tonsured heads, some with a cap, some with a scarf on and some with turmeric paste smeared on them. Beggars by the wayside looking at you with expectant eyes…”

“…Said a few pleasantries to Hemanth’s (my brother-in-law) parents. Went along with Darshu (my other niece), running and skipping in sync with her whims and fancies. Tried to take Deepshika in my arms, but she wudn’t part from her mother. Pah! ”

“…She got used to me in sometime and we were playing in gay abandon. She wud kneel and move up and down. She wud catch hold of whatever came within arm’s reach and move it/ them up and down. She would smile with just two teeth in her gums. Such a toothy smile. And she would ‘ga ga’ if only you wud give her time…”

“…Had a good darshan in the evening. Woke up the next day and we all proceeded to relieve Deepshika of her baby curls. The guy did a good job of it. Now it was time for Deepshika to have her baby ears adorned with beautiful gold drops. The other guy did a good job too. There she was like a red goddess, laughin away to glory…”

Ooh la la!


6 Responses

  1. Wow…such a wonderful place. Travelling is really great, nice spot!

    nice post!

  2. I agree,…travelling let’s u put on so many different spectacles,…

  3. I remembered the day when my niece got her head tonsured. She cried so much that I had to rush out to an archies gallery near by to get her a barbie … she stopped as soon as she got one … she clutched it tight … after the barber was done … I told him to tonsure the head of the Barbie as well … she started crying again 🙂

  4. I can understand totally

  5. Tirupathi…getting started early in the morning, stepping the hills, getting head tonsured, going for darshan, having stomach full ladu, sipping the hill’s beauty in the evening and finally shopping… really awesome..I enjoy it :-))))

  6. i was starting to reckon i may perhaps end up being the sole young woman who thought about this, at least at present i acknowledge im not mad 🙂 i’ll make sure to have a look at various different posts right after i get a tad of caffeine in me, it’s tricky to read without my coffee, I was up late last evening playing zynga poker and after getting my fill with a few brewskies i ended up melting away all my zynga poker chips adios for now 🙂

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