NRI Talk

 Quoted with permission,…excerpts from a mail.

“….Hey we do have patriots here.Its
not as simple as u think,or atleast not with everyone.Most of us are stuck here due to
priorities,family responsibilities and few like me just had to follow  their spouses.Guys ,dont
look at the bigger picture alone.Look at all nooks and corners before u declare
conclusions.Let me tell u how it is for us here.Not each day goes by without us
remembering the good times we used to have back home.I can give u hundreds of
examples.Every fake diwali,pongal and all the other functions we try to replicate here leaves
us with the feeling of something major missing.We try to live the indian way in a totally
different continent.Do u know how difficult that is especially when we have American born
confused children?We find bits and pieces of our country in a fellow desi r in an indian
restuarant in the midst of  the US fast food centers r in a Ganesha picture on a car on the
road.It might seem silly but thats how it is.Living here has made us appreciate our country
in more than one way.We are so proud of it when we talk about our culture to the
Americans.We are here because of need of money not greed.Im really ashamed of the
people  who can talk about our country as if they  have  nothing to do with it.But trust
me,that percentage of shameless idiots is sooooooo tiny.We love our country as much as u
guys do.The comforts we enjoy is just a small treat for the big price we are paying.

 Now I look around myself. I see,…and I ask.

Then WHY??!




One Response

  1. This holds true for most people who stays away from home … but probably the sting will be more if you are in a totally alien culture that a foreign country offers … I want to know why u posted this …

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