Do I know you?

This reminds me of long ago,…many years ago,…I had this big crush and I was everywhere and nowhere. Those were days of long hours and few minutes.

Think of it. A blue book in my hand. My long white coat. Scribbling things on my blue book as and when. Thinking long hours about things which might mean nothing at all the next day. It was a long time ago and I remember so little. Yet it holds so much for me.

Remember the bus which was stalled by the wayside. Here I am on the road side,..waiting for the dust to settle and the bus moves away in the distance,…taking all that I used to hold within me. Where am I and what am I doing?

The songs play in the background and the people move as though they hear the music from my veins loud n clear.

So many times have I talked about this with my mouth listening to my ears. So many times have I felt with my head and thought with my heart. So many times have I thought with a muddled mind, with thoughts thrown hazy by my mind, in the stream of reason. All in the twilight of my days whilst at the place I hold close to my heart.

She stood with a stance as tough as stone. She stood with a heart as cold as steel. Why would I even see her? Why would I try to seek her attention?

Why would I even try?

Questions and answers which did not make sense to each other as much as they did not make sense to me?

I still stand at the threshold of a houseful of emotions which I had thought I had moved past long time back. The doors are rusty and I seem to have lost the key.

Mindseeker’s paradise. That is what I am searching for.




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