The Enfield Bullet (is not a bike)

The Bullet

I have more or less made up my mind about what bike to buy after a long time of totally redundant data search. The decision is such that it can never be made rationally. I had decided to buy the Bullet Machismo 500 LB.

I shared this information with few good friends and the instant reaction was so stark and contrasting
Reaction 1: “Wow”

Reaction 2: “Get a car for that money”

With a bullet you can only fall into two categories. It is a subject which evokes strong response from the people.

As somebody ( that means I don’t know who) said,

” A bullet chooses it’s owner and not the other way round”

My memories of the bullet go a long way back. My father used to work with a company actively involved with cane procurement and my father had a lot of travelling to the outback. He used to do it in a brand new Enfield Bullet (classic 350) and he also used to recount tales of how he used to fill up the tank and speed to this native place (a small town near the city of Madurai). He used to make me feel envious by telling me that he used to easily hit 130 kmph on the highway. Without going into details, it used to make me wonder. I was not even driving a cycle then and I had no idea of speed. But it used to sound so magical. My father is a stocky man and I used to imagine him sitting on a bullet and thundering away.

So the seed was planted in my mind. I had never ridden a bullet for 27 long years of my life. I only used to listen to the thump of bullets passing by. Nobody in my family, near and far, had owned a bullet. None of my friends had a bullet. It was like I could not, even if I wanted to. The nearest I ever got was through sheer coincidence when Varun’s 1992 classic 350 was with me for a week’s time.

One ride on the bike and you know it is something else. Think about it. It is unwieldy. It is difficult to start. It used to have right side gears (which can spoil your footwear). It is noisy. It is expensive. Yet, it has survived decades.

It is essentially because all that I have stated against it, can be rephrased depending on which side of the line you are in.  It has got enormous stability. It is not for everybody for the simple reason that not everybody can start a bullet and the right side gears add to the exclusivity. It has got a classic thump which might probably be the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind when the name is evoked. It lasts and lasts and lasts making it value for money in the long run.

Beat that.

The experience starts from the moment you start the engine. Nothing can beat the idle of a well tuned bullet engine. It is like the engine is about to die. But it never dies. It just keeps going on. So sublime, yet so strong. Only a person who has ridden a bullet can relate to the strong sense of control that one feels when riding a bullet. You feel connected to the road and you can literally feel the piston moving in the engine. The reverberation of the silencer make you forget everything else. The rev of a bullet engine is so majestic. A bullet rider does not drive past, he thunders past.

An anecdote, if u mind.

Yesterday, I was at a traffic signal on Varun’s classic 350, waiting for the signal to turn green. The engine was in idle. The beat was gentle and periodic. The engine then went silent. The signal turned green and I charged the engine. I then kicked it alive. Oh, what a beat it made. Among all the people who turned heads, A person seated in the front seat of a car, beside the driver, turned a full 180 degree and looked at me. I could literally see the desire in his eyes. I wished him luck and thundered away. Me, my bullet and the road.



You beautiful devil

You beautiful devil,

Where were you all these days?

Seen so many days,…day coming in and going out like leaves being cast off by tired boughs.

Never seen an instant in a thousand days as when I spend minutes into hours with you.

As though I were unborn and born unto each minute with you, is but a feeling.

Drops of me, little by little, trickle back into the life that I never knew was possible.

Where were you all these days?

Days go by me

It has been ages since I wrote something. Some questions which came by my mind in the last few days…

1. Has anybody noticed the city of Bangalore 14 feet above the street level? It is replete with cables, cables and more cables.

2. Why do airplanes have head lamps? It’s not like they are going to navigate based on those lights

Some other things which I have observed are that people are always more smart than you think. I tried to avoid traffic and started off at around 7:50 from Banashankari to Whitefield and what I noticed is that most people have tried to do that and hence the traffic seemed to be pretty much the same. Now I had a game theory quandry.

These are the fleeting thoughts that I have been able to recollect. Had written a bit of poetry which is too personal to be shared and some bit of prose which is really bad ( worse than what you can find on my blog).

Run out of words….until then…



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The Ancient and the Modern

The Ancient and the Modern

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Wanderlust…..wish to be here one day.


Was in the midst of a frenetic search of a suitable girl, by my parents.

Now my mindset towards marriage was something else. Very difficult to know a girl within a few minutes of conversation. Even more difficult to make up my mind about a decision which will affect the next 40 years of my life when I have not even lived long. I just could not make up my mind. I just could not reconcile. I was confused.

On one side I did not want to explain this to my parents as it brought to naught all sorts of social conditioning that they had about the elaborate ritual called marriage. I was caught between the devil and the sea. And I was not inclined to prayer. I would rather be inclined to act. I still thought I would make a small glimmer of hope burn in a corner of my mind.

Three days before I was to see Shireesha (my fiancee), I saw three comments on my blog and extensive reading of my blog. I was more than sure that it was Shireesha who had read my blog. Fast forward to the day I saw her and she told me that she had read my blog quite extensively. Now this released a huge tension off my mind as the blog was a good piece of me. It tracked two years of me and was pretty representative. The frankness in my blog spawned a very frank conversation between Shireesha and me. All was well.

Eventually I figured that the blog had helped her make a opinion about me. She had actually corroborated some things on my blog while conversing with me. And now she is quite confident that she will be able to put up with me for the next few decades of her life. One of the reasons for explaining all this is the fact that I have a special case where my blog had helped me bridge the gap in traditional marriages.

Maybe it does pay to blog.

Now why haven’t I been bothered about my opinion of her. I really don’t know. Now comes the part about making up my mind. I really didn’t make up my mind. I did not see a decision at all. I only saw her. I did not feel things like beauty or compatibility. I only saw vibes. I saw a nice harmony being played out through words.

Silos of thought wafted in the air.

The only thing that I had to decide about was the exact time when I will propose marriage to her. There was nothing else left to decide. I have this strong feeling that somebody else had already made the decision for me.