Was in the midst of a frenetic search of a suitable girl, by my parents.

Now my mindset towards marriage was something else. Very difficult to know a girl within a few minutes of conversation. Even more difficult to make up my mind about a decision which will affect the next 40 years of my life when I have not even lived long. I just could not make up my mind. I just could not reconcile. I was confused.

On one side I did not want to explain this to my parents as it brought to naught all sorts of social conditioning that they had about the elaborate ritual called marriage. I was caught between the devil and the sea. And I was not inclined to prayer. I would rather be inclined to act. I still thought I would make a small glimmer of hope burn in a corner of my mind.

Three days before I was to see Shireesha (my fiancee), I saw three comments on my blog and extensive reading of my blog. I was more than sure that it was Shireesha who had read my blog. Fast forward to the day I saw her and she told me that she had read my blog quite extensively. Now this released a huge tension off my mind as the blog was a good piece of me. It tracked two years of me and was pretty representative. The frankness in my blog spawned a very frank conversation between Shireesha and me. All was well.

Eventually I figured that the blog had helped her make a opinion about me. She had actually corroborated some things on my blog while conversing with me. And now she is quite confident that she will be able to put up with me for the next few decades of her life. One of the reasons for explaining all this is the fact that I have a special case where my blog had helped me bridge the gap in traditional marriages.

Maybe it does pay to blog.

Now why haven’t I been bothered about my opinion of her. I really don’t know. Now comes the part about making up my mind. I really didn’t make up my mind. I did not see a decision at all. I only saw her. I did not feel things like beauty or compatibility. I only saw vibes. I saw a nice harmony being played out through words.

Silos of thought wafted in the air.

The only thing that I had to decide about was the exact time when I will propose marriage to her. There was nothing else left to decide. I have this strong feeling that somebody else had already made the decision for me.



2 Responses

  1. Hey!!! Quite Interesting!!!
    Hope she liked your frankness in your blog and became concrete in her decision to lead her next few decades with you.So even blogs can pave good path for arranged Marriages…
    Hoy thank you your “Blogorama” planted interest in me to creat my own blog insearch of my Life partner…(Just kidding)

  2. Saala 4 saal se blog kar raha hoon, ya to koi ladkee padhtee hi nahi, ya fir padh ke bhaag jaati hain!!!

    Anyways, sahi hai, this is what I call ‘leveraging technology’ 😀

    And I thought the best thing about arranged marriages is that you don’t have to propose, its the default, if you have to, you have to un-propose

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