Days go by me

It has been ages since I wrote something. Some questions which came by my mind in the last few days…

1. Has anybody noticed the city of Bangalore 14 feet above the street level? It is replete with cables, cables and more cables.

2. Why do airplanes have head lamps? It’s not like they are going to navigate based on those lights

Some other things which I have observed are that people are always more smart than you think. I tried to avoid traffic and started off at around 7:50 from Banashankari to Whitefield and what I noticed is that most people have tried to do that and hence the traffic seemed to be pretty much the same. Now I had a game theory quandry.

These are the fleeting thoughts that I have been able to recollect. Had written a bit of poetry which is too personal to be shared and some bit of prose which is really bad ( worse than what you can find on my blog).

Run out of words….until then…


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