So far gone

I have a very unique situation.

I have two acquaintances. I share a peculiar relationship with each of them. On one hand I have this guy whom I know from post-grad. He was my hostel mate. The venerable hostel 9. We met on the aisle of the hostel while playing TT and it has been one bumpy ride since then. Without going into great details, I have had few instances to recollect in terms of the the quality of the relationship. The lad was not very open with his feelings about people in general and hence I moved along with scarce consideration for what was going on between us. I would say that there was a communication breakdown in a lot of ways.

On the other hand, I have this other guy,…I can’t recollect how we met. But I do remember a particular conversation which led me to believe that he was quite unique in a lot of respects. What led me to respect him was the fact that he made no bones about anything. That is a very unique trait and I could relate to it very strongly. Though I have spent very little time with him, I can remember those moments in great detail. It was quality time. Not some haha hoohoo time spent laughing over some insipid joke.

Now the situation is that these guys have fixed their marriages on subsequent days at places atleast 18 hours apart in terms of logistics. It is impossible to attend bot the marriages and now I need to choose.

On one hand, I had somebody who I can hardly recollect and on the other hand, I have this guy who has my respect and my affection. The question is if I want to be liked or if I want to like. I choose the latter. I like you buddy and I will be there at your marriage.


Days single’

Been two months since I have made some voluntary changes to my life as a ‘single’ guy. I am hitched and have been blessed with a five month window between the feeling and actual reality (marriage). I have spent maximum time getting to know my fiancee, committing a lot of errors on the way and learning a lot about her in the meantime and about the context that we exist in.

I have been a sort of carefree guy with a strong emphasis on individual preferences and lax respect for people who feature mostly on my rear view mirror. The last five years of my life have afforded me a lot of time to myself and I have progressed in so many different direction with help from very few, key people and hence my general consideration set in terms of the number of people in my decision process are few and can be counted on one hand. But my interactions with my fiancee and the whole process of marriage involves so many people in terms of relatives, friends and the mass in general that I have had a lot of things to think about in these days. I have to think about prospective extended family (of my fiancee), the elaborate ritual of marriage ( according to my parents) and all the people who form part of it (according to my mother).

I consider myself an outcaste in terms of my perception of popular/ social notions. However I do not market myself in this fashion and try a bit to blend in inspite of all the apparent incongruities. This notion of mine has landed me in a spot or two but I usually had to deal with it by myself. Now I had family baggage tugging at me while dealing with the society in general.

Quite a soup.

Bullet diaries

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 AVL-vital stats:

Date of purchase: 03/04/2008

Odometer reading: 3759kms as on 15/05/2008

Number of visits to the garage: 2 services and 2 minor repair work

What the heck?

I was riding down outer ring road reminiscing about the state of affairs with my bullet.  I was not really sure if this was the best decision as I had a few minor repair works always pending in a brand new motorcycle. I was passing numerous bikes of the sub 200 cc varieties and I used to own a splendor myself. I remember how well I used to maintain this bike with complete confidence that all is well with the bike. I was chewing the cud.

I had a conversation with a fellow bulleteer and I remember him saying this

“You can never be 100% satisfied with the status of your bullet. There are some generic issues with this bike”

So relevant as this bike had some issues that I have to get used to. I don’t remember how I got into a philosophical mode at this point in my train of thoughts. I suddenly thought that the bullet is like a person with whom there will always be some issues. Add to it that I was getting to know my fiancee very well and as with anybody else, there are going to be things which one is not used to. It was not a discomforting thought in any sense and I could actually perceive a gentle smile creeping onto my face pulling those whiskers at the corner of my mouth upwards. I was actually happy in the sense that I was cruising on my bike and I had sort of come to terms with a troublesome thought.

The bullet is actually like a person. It needs lots of attention. Right from the point of starting the bike to the point of parking the bike. I actually did not feel it to be much of a deviation because I used to take very good care of my splendor. weekly washes and polishes. Regular services and a bit of mechaniceering myself. It was good fun. I hope it will be good fun too.