Bullet diaries

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 AVL-vital stats:

Date of purchase: 03/04/2008

Odometer reading: 3759kms as on 15/05/2008

Number of visits to the garage: 2 services and 2 minor repair work

What the heck?

I was riding down outer ring road reminiscing about the state of affairs with my bullet.  I was not really sure if this was the best decision as I had a few minor repair works always pending in a brand new motorcycle. I was passing numerous bikes of the sub 200 cc varieties and I used to own a splendor myself. I remember how well I used to maintain this bike with complete confidence that all is well with the bike. I was chewing the cud.

I had a conversation with a fellow bulleteer and I remember him saying this

“You can never be 100% satisfied with the status of your bullet. There are some generic issues with this bike”

So relevant as this bike had some issues that I have to get used to. I don’t remember how I got into a philosophical mode at this point in my train of thoughts. I suddenly thought that the bullet is like a person with whom there will always be some issues. Add to it that I was getting to know my fiancee very well and as with anybody else, there are going to be things which one is not used to. It was not a discomforting thought in any sense and I could actually perceive a gentle smile creeping onto my face pulling those whiskers at the corner of my mouth upwards. I was actually happy in the sense that I was cruising on my bike and I had sort of come to terms with a troublesome thought.

The bullet is actually like a person. It needs lots of attention. Right from the point of starting the bike to the point of parking the bike. I actually did not feel it to be much of a deviation because I used to take very good care of my splendor. weekly washes and polishes. Regular services and a bit of mechaniceering myself. It was good fun. I hope it will be good fun too.


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