Days single’

Been two months since I have made some voluntary changes to my life as a ‘single’ guy. I am hitched and have been blessed with a five month window between the feeling and actual reality (marriage). I have spent maximum time getting to know my fiancee, committing a lot of errors on the way and learning a lot about her in the meantime and about the context that we exist in.

I have been a sort of carefree guy with a strong emphasis on individual preferences and lax respect for people who feature mostly on my rear view mirror. The last five years of my life have afforded me a lot of time to myself and I have progressed in so many different direction with help from very few, key people and hence my general consideration set in terms of the number of people in my decision process are few and can be counted on one hand. But my interactions with my fiancee and the whole process of marriage involves so many people in terms of relatives, friends and the mass in general that I have had a lot of things to think about in these days. I have to think about prospective extended family (of my fiancee), the elaborate ritual of marriage ( according to my parents) and all the people who form part of it (according to my mother).

I consider myself an outcaste in terms of my perception of popular/ social notions. However I do not market myself in this fashion and try a bit to blend in inspite of all the apparent incongruities. This notion of mine has landed me in a spot or two but I usually had to deal with it by myself. Now I had family baggage tugging at me while dealing with the society in general.

Quite a soup.


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