Bullet diaries 2

Chatting with the local member of a bullet club:

“…………U jus have to keep riding the bike,,, and u’l learn something new every other ride u do….. guess thts the way I learnt more abt my bike,….”

After three months with my 500 LB, I guess it is so true.

I usually take the outer ring road of Bangalore city. Owing to traffic and my reluctance to use the kicker, I used to use the electric starter quite regularly. One fine evening, I was trying to start the bike using the kicker.

I primed the sump using the decompressor and then cranked the engine.


There was a sharp noise from the gear box. I was wearing the helmet and it was yet loud enough. I knew something bad had happened. I used the electric starter for the time being.

The nightmare continued the next morning when I wanted to crank the engine using the kicker. I drove straight to the showroom and left it for repair. Apart from the drivel on quality and other things, I had to use the kicker for the time being.

The experience was brilliant. In the process, I actually learnt how to crank the engine to get it started in one go. It is not that hard at all and believe me, it is the most satisfying feeling of the bike ride. The crank and the brilliant beat of the bullet as the piston lugs within.
What happens is that you get a feel of the position of the piston within the piston chamber and you know when it is just right to give you a smooth start at one shot. Then u crank the engine and it goes

” dub dub dub….”

Sweet music to my ears.


Notes on entrepreneurship

Quite a few things that I have learned along the way. First and most important lesson- there is no business plan. Second point: I have no ego. I do what it takes within striking distance of being a door mat. Third point: Networking is the name of the game.

Until I have some more pointszzzzz………

Who wants to listen?

I have been wanting to talk….to say a few things….but who wants to listen?

I have so many stories to say. I have so many things to tell. But our conversations are so staid as people feel the same way as I do and then that is that. One sided conversations and ears scarce and far in between.

I have a story to say. Right now I want to get it out of my system.

My office has a high roof and there is a ventilator is juxtaposed between the ceiling and the wall. I notice that I look up to the ventilator very rarely. More commonly when it seems to be hot and sometimes when it is raining outside.

Just about a moment back, I looked at the ventilator for a totally different reason. I had just lost a dear friend. Happened a couple of days back. I share very fond memories with him from the day we had met in the aisle of Hostel 9. Ever since I lost him, I have been recuperating from the loss and had been wallowing in memories of our time together. I was moving back and forth through various windows of thoughts. Splitting thoughts and varied memories.

Criss-crossing places, events and beautiful moments, I was a nomad in time. Varun was smiling here. Varun was recounting anecdotes there. Varun was racing his bullet ahead of me on the Bangalore Madras highway. Varun was pulling my leg on my attempts at trying to act busy in Hostel 9. Varun was making fun of the ‘very nice’ bearded guy. Varun was playing the latest track that he had downloaded from the LAN. Varun was making fun of Brendan’s attachment to his desktop. Varun was cribbing about the politics among Gults in IIML. Varun was playing counter-strike as ‘Daddyz back’. Varun was sleeping in his room 1031. Varun was drunk and trying to hug a tree. Varun was being convinced that he had kissed Bhakru. Varun was expressing his love for all and sundry after a ‘Insti-party’. Varun was there in so many places.

“Maa ki kirikiri”


Given my affection for Varun, I can go on for a long time. But now is not the time. As these memories do not bring me happiness as they used to. Bereft of his company, they spell inertia to my being.

I need to move on. With this thought in mind, I looked at the ventilator in my room and I knew that this room of thoughts need to open up and I need to break away.

It was GREAT knowing you Varun. I love you and will always do.