Save petrol

I have had a lot of time to think about general stuff when I am driving down to office.

1. Monumental waste of resources: Cars having one person in them. It is a monumental waste of petrol because one will end up burning approximately the same amount of petrol as would have happened if the car had more passengers in it. It is also a monumental waste of space as one car occupies the space in which upto three bikes can move on the road. And since this sort of a behavior clogs up roads, the waste in terms of time, other people’s petrol and wear and tear is exponential.

2. Big cars: People with gas guzzling cars are a bigger waste. They occupy more space and also burn more petrol. Worst is when there is one smart alec smoking a cigarette and cussing the traffic. Give me a break.

With this in mind, I am putting down my daily itinerary so that people can take a trip as and when they want to, provided I am intimated in advance and they are ok with a guy like me.

Name: Abhilash

Phone number: 9741776304

Route: Koramangla 3rd block-sarjapur road-outer ring road-marathalli junction-varthur road-whitefield & vice-versa

Timings: Morning Start between 9:20-9:40/ Evenings Start between 7:30-9:30

Conditions: If it is a trip in the morning intimate me the previous evening. If it is a trip in the evening, intimate me in the preceding afternoon. There are no charges. I would consider the savings in petrol/ diesel at your end to be good enough.

Let me see how this works.


3 Responses

  1. What city and country?

  2. ahem 🙂 why do you drive a 500 CC ? Whats the amount of gas you burn vs a 100 CC bike? But i do agree with the larger issue. peace.

  3. @Graham-I live in Bangalore, India
    @V-Thanks. We need to do some work around here.

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