It’s been some time. I haven’t posted in ages. Thinking about it brings numerous topics to my mind. I can write about things which have caught my attention for different reasons. But something that I would like to share, which is interesting as it is worthwhile is my trip to Shiva Samudram falls near Bangalore.

The journey was memorable with two of my best buddies, friends for a long time who probably know me better than most people and of course the new additions to the family- Shireesha, my prospective wife and Ann, Sethu’s prospective wife. Without getting into any anecdotes about camaraderie, let me come to the point of fascination.

Trip started peacefully. The roads gradually change from pucca roads to kuccha roads. The landscape changes from that of a highway with well marked milestones to that of a rural one with passing bullock-carts and mopeds carrying huge loads of grass for livestock. The weather was dry with a faint breeze in the air. It was just about right, with a few beads of sweat trickling down every once in a while.

Few signboards and a couple of bends later, we reached a clearing with milling crowd and intermittent vendors hawking tender-coconuts, chilli powdered goose-berries and blue-berries. After a brief lunch, we moved to the viewing point for a sight of the falls.

I am trying to capture my thought process or rather reaction after the sight of the falls.

“Gentle stream moving to the quick…impending drop at the sheer precipice

Freefall as is birth, the birth of a waterfall…

I am born with the earth below as my father and the cliff above as my mother…

I live but for a moment…dispersing my energy in all that is in-between…

I have now grown to become mist,…with age making me finer by the moment…

I leave my brothers behind and spread myself in the wind…

I embrace my father who takes me within…

I am now that which I was before…

I am water and I search to be born again.”

I am not able to explain why, but I am always fascinated by water-falls. And every time I see a water-falls, the gentle coolness of the water-spray, or the sight of it cools down my mind. The gentle sway of the stream, the gentle gurgle of water as it moves between rocks, the gentle hum of water as it weaves it’s way down a rock face, the impressive roar of the rapid as it huffs and puffs in the mountains or the sheer magnificence of a water-fall which delivers itself to a spectacle which will leave you soaked for a long time come. Each and every facet of water leaves me thrilled and yearning for some more.

In a city like Bangalore, with numerous water-falls around, the very thought of my next trip leaves me excited.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Abhi,
    Great to hear. Njoy maadi. Jog falls is another awesome falls, though it is an overnight trip.


  2. You might like to visit the Iguazu Falls sometime ( … you should see it in Happy together .. check this clip …. thats Iguazu for u

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