My diaries on introspection-25/09/2008

For a long time, I have been wondering about the reason behind my psyche. One of the things being the origin of my principals. If I said something, how did I really come to it?

I have had some half-baked answers for this questions when and wherever I had noticed a particular facet of myself play out in conversations and more importantly in my overall behaviour.

*Sound of tape rewinding to particular spot 

Yesterday, I was searching for a book from my library to read before I sleep. I picked up volume 2 from the complete works of ‘Swami vivekananda’. As I started reading the book, I could literally see bits and pieces of myself from the book. It was like watching a movie with small chapter in which each chapter is oneself in a different attire. the attires miught change, but the person remains you. Imagine these short movies spilling out from between the pages of the book when you twirl the book. Come on, use your imagination. Now add some back-ground music of a retro 80’s music as most of the short movies must be from the past. 

Interestingly, I had picked up the 8 volume collection to improve my reading speed for CAT preparation. More interestingly, I had imbibed the messages while I was working on my reading speed. This act of mine is single-handedly an imprrtant event, whose import made itself apparent only yesterday.

Life never ceases to surprise.


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