My diaries on Introspection-27/09/2008

One very nice thing which has happened in recent times is that I have my personal library with me consisting of about 60-80 books in about three categories. I picked up the book by Adam Smith and decided that it is not the best book to read before I sleep. It is probably a book to be read in daytime and with a lot of energy to assimilate, ponder, extrapolate and then continue reading. Probably it is book which needs to be read a number of times. Now I picked up a book on ‘Thirukural’ and a book on ‘Kundalini yoga’. Both the books were on subjects very close to my being.

Now something interesting which happened can be explained on two planes of thought. On one hand is the thing about books that you need to read them again about 6 months after you read them. The observations are simply fantastic. For example you would have read a particular idea sometime back. If you have had the opportunity to act on that in the ensuing few months or probably years and you read the same idea again, the kind of mental recapitulation and the rapid visualization of various events in the application of this idea by you is something which gives an enormous sense of satisfaction and also kind of acts as a positive reaffirmation to give a fresh lease of life to the idea in your mind. Simply amazing. It is something worth doing once in a while.

The second interesting thing is knowledge gained through books. This is particularly relevant for books on philosophy. After sometime, you realize that there is probably a limit to what you can read. What you read is like a mere advertisement to engage in useful introspection. I will stop at saying this as I will be defeating the purpose of this portion of the write-up if I try to elucidate anymore.

Pardon me. I am still like that only.


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