My diaries on introspection-30/09/2008

I engage in a few minutes of meditation every morning and I always find it a squeeze time when I have one task or the another in the routine of getting ready for office. This has been particularly so because of my nomadic ways in the past 4 years when I have had to stay away from family and thus was frequently a poor planner of my morning routine.

After marriage, I have more or less settled down and my morning routine is much more planned. It is such a relief to have a room to myself for this activity of being able to soak in tranquil waters for just so many moments. As people before me have said, the waters of tranquility are like an ocean with few ripples. Imagine still air, smooth waterfront and the horizon in front of you with light filling every inch of the being that is you. Imagine the same light pervading the surrounding with no apparent source. There is no sun and no moon and only light.

Now imagine all this is yours for a few minutes and then imagine how I feel when I have to get back to this rambunctious world of mine. Now you know how I feel.



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