Digital camera

I would not speak of myself as an artist, but I can definitely say that I have an inclination towards art. Having thus spoken I would like to talk about some disruptive influences in the realm of day to day life. Take photography for instance. On one hand, technology has made photography reachable to the common man through affordable photography capable devices and simplicity in terms of having it as part of a mobile phone which can be slipped into your pocket.

But what it has done additionally is that it has made the tag of a ‘photographer’ available to all and sundry. A cursory glance at social networking sites and mailers from friends gives an idea of how many people consider themselves to be in the league of ‘photographer'(s). The point is that there has been more than one occassion when people have shown me photographs and asked me to tell them how wonderful or brilliant they are. The list is long and includes friends, colleagues, relatives and sundry. When I asked them what is so great or goodabout the particular photograph, nobody is able to give a concrete answer.

There are two things to a photograph, one is the object and the other is the human element. Now the object of desire remains the same and will probably be. What brings out a good photograph is what the person brings between the object and the viewer. Now most of the people arm themsleves with a mobile phone/ digital camera and then go about clicking snaps. Believe me, most of them are as random as they can be. They get a good moment by chance and lo, a photographer is born. At the bottom of all this is the point that the motive behind the art is lost and what remains is a false sense of understanding about the process that involves photography. 

Without getting into too much detail, I am of the opinion is that I am surrounded by wannabe(s), some of whom try to acquire the tag of an ‘artist’ and reality seems otherwise. Now what do I do. As the scriptures say, “Shanthi,…shanthi,….shanthihi”.


4 Responses

  1. and some people click photos in black and white and think its art 😛

  2. Maybe they have something to share. Maybe…

  3. i find that the name of the photograph changes my perspective. i wonder how else you would have named the pictures and how my opinion would have differed.

    but on the whole i have to give it to u, they are some really good photographs. keep up the good work.

  4. I agree with your view. Would appreciate the comments on my flickr stream.

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