My diaries on introspection 06/10/2008

The more I look around me, the more I am concerned about people whom I can observe from close quarters. For there is something which fundamentally missing in the way my friends and colleagues approach day to day activities. It is interesting that few people have been speaking about this for centuries and yet so few take notice. I guess the normal curve applies everywhere.

Let me take an example. 

John has a problem. The water is leaking in the faucet. Now what do you think he will say?

‘Damn faucet!’

According to John, it is the faucet’s problem. Can anything be more ridiculous than that?

Another not so simple example.

Ram has been asked to do something and he has not done it. What do think he will say?

‘I have no time’

According to Ram, he is so busy that he has used every moment in the 24 hours available to him in a day and he has not been able to squeeze out even a single minute to try doing the task.

Apart from obvious things, the most important point is that for each person, he/ she is the centre point of the Universe and everything else revolves around them. Anything which is not in the scheme of things is the fault of some other animate or inanimate object. The result of such an approach would be that problems are more discussed and positions defended than getting to the root couse of the problem and getting it set right at a fundamental level.

Look around and you will see ramifications of the same in your office, family, friends etc etc. Public debates, political mud-slinging and what not.

It would make such a difference if people take themselves less seriously and look at what is wrong rather than who is wrong. It is time to have a discussion rather than a debate. There needs to be a serious change of things in the public conscious.


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