My diaries on introspection 08/10/2008

It has been nine months and a couple of days since I started working with a start-up in Bangalore. It has been an interesting nine months with a lot of things to discuss, share and learn. I have had the fortune to be working with a young, dedicated team that shares the vision of our company and the wherewithal to keep running the last mile which seems to continue forever.

In this moment of fractured orientation, I seek to look around and put my best into each day so that no matter what happens, I look back and smile. I have a lot to owe my parents, my Guru, my wife and my friends who all have played an active part in whatever I have done till now.

I am thankful to my parents as they have never been dependant on me financially and for offering me the freedom to grow in the way that I have. I am thankful to my Guru, Thangaswamigal, for having been the guiding force in the kind of inner growth that I have cultivated and sustained in the last five years. I am thankful to my wife for being more than a partner and friend in such a short period of time. She must get an award for having understood me in such a short period of time. I am thakful to all my friends for having given me near free accomodation in the first few months of the year.

Thanks to a lot of people. 

Lots of work to done and looking forward to the break of dawn when the night is the darkest. Breathe.


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