Royal Enfield mufflers

I have been receiving a lot of traffic from enfield muffler related search queries. I have had my bullet 500 muffler changed and the search that I had done for this could be useful to quite a few people. As far as I know there are three people who manufacture the BSA Goldstar type silencer mufflers in India.

1. Muneer from Bangalore; Contact number-+91-80-2591079; Cost of muffler without chrome coating-Rs 1200

2. Shakeel from Pune; Contact number-+91-9822004432; Cost of muffler without chrome coating-Rs 1200

3. Royal Motorcycles of Delhi; Contact number-+91-11-42542341,+91-11-41547983; Cost of muffler without chrome coating-Rs 800

The mufflers are manufactured in two varieties, free flow silencer and the one with glass wool in it. The free flow muffler is preferred for it’s ability to reduce back-pressure on the engine and the glass wool muffler is less preferred as it is purely for changing the exhaust note of the bike. The above cost is for the free-flow muffler.

The mufflers cost around Rs 500 to be chrome coated and there could be courier charges as applicable.

Hope this helps out a lot of bullet enthusiasts in getting the stock mufflers which offer a very dull note and enormous back-pressure on the engine, changed to a more enjoyable thump and marginal differences in pick-up.

I have made some enquiries regarding the longterm effects on the engine and there has been no negative feedback. The only issue could be sound levels as with respect to traffic regulators and personal preferences for a less noisy silencer.

But trust me, a bullet is kind of ‘less’ without it’s thump. Say what you may, people gotta hear before you are there.


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  1. Dude,
    I don’t get why ppl are so gung-ho over these few names.

    I got my Goldstar done from a metal working workshop. Usually these guys sit next to your local mechanic, or else your local mechanic would be knowing these guys.

    The metal workers are responsible for denting jobs, sheet metal modifications – like customised fuel tank, body panel, or handle bars, chassis mods.

    Almost anyone can build a customized muffler.

    There are three main types of mufflers –
    1. Free flow without any muffling. The rocket silencer is one of these. There is absolutely nothing but a tube of metal with varying geometry to accentuate the exhaust sound. However in my experience the sound from this exhaust is more like a roar than a thump.

    2. Usual restricted mufflers. Eg. the short bottle mufler of old bullet. There induce some restrictions, however you can get pretty god thump from it.

    There is one more variety, which you have erroneously mentioned:

    3. Free flow with glass wool. The exhaust pipe is a perforated free flow, however, surrounding this exhaust pipe is a glass wool packing. The glass wool doens’t interfere with the exhaust flow.
    The exhaust noise gets absored in the glass wool via the perforations.

    And this gives the best “thumping beat” sound.

  2. What could be the price for silencer with glass wool i am looking forward to buy one for my new thunderbird twinspark.plz suggest

  3. My fellow on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came here.

  4. thanks for the info yaar

  5. im from goa n i hve seen 2 silencers which r called goldstar but i need the goldstar type silencer which is on the cafe racer in uk.does shakeeel seels the same silencers

  6. Hi Abhilash
    Its been 15 days since u bought a Goldstar by Sans Inc.
    I hope that u r satisfied with our Goldstars.
    I would request you to please take out some time from ur busy schedule and share a few words on our Goldies too.
    I’ll be grateful to you.

  7. If you dont mind, could you elaborate a bit on the design of mufflers. From one of the pics u posted, it seems to me that you are running a goldstar replica. Recently I got one for myself, and it seems to be divided into chambers along its length, which are connected through small perforations; and the perforations does not fall on a straight line. There are 5 small holes on the end near the bend pipe and 3 near the exit.

    A mechanic told me that this is going to create some problem for the engine in the long run, because of the ‘excess pressure’ it generates owing to the small size of the perforation. He also said that this type of muffler, because of this small perforation, is going to heat up the engine beyond a limit.

    But the guy who made the muffler assures me that there is absolutely no such problem. I’m totally confused. What is your take on the muffler?

  8. can anyone give me contact number or address of shakeel who does silencers for bullet?
    plsss need it urgent

  9. hey thanks abhilash but this number is not reacheble can u please give me his work shop address where i can contact him personally or atleast give me his price range for enfield silencers

  10. Hi Guys
    I would like to invite you all to our website for more details on Goldstars.
    Custom RE merchandise on sale too.

    Saurabh Katar

  11. Hi Guys
    I would like to invite you all to our website for more details on Goldstars.
    Custom RE merchandise on sale too.

    Saurabh Katar

  12. Shakeel is not contactable in Pune. Can anyone post/mail hos address to me???

    Antariksh (+91 9158082000)

  13. Shakeel :- +91-9822004432 /
    near shri ram auto center, salunkevihar, Pune.

  14. has anyone find out that the ex soccer player was found guilty to breaking up stolen autos?

  15. hey buddy..!!!! the number of munir which u gave is incomplete… check the no and please post it again…

  16. can you please help me to choice the right silencer i am having c500 first i fitted upswet silencer from delar
    but the thump sound quality is not good and after that i fitted chennai made 5 star type gold star silencer but its sound thump is vary bad while goning in speed of 20 in between the sound go bad

  17. Hey arvind, There are lot of restrictions in de new engines. If you looking for too much of thump n sound, it’ll spoil your carb. and even engine in long run. If you are ready to take risk, the best thump for new engines was seen on a goldie custom made in RT nagar, Bangalore .

  18. Tony Augustine, can you tell me where exactly in RT nagar we can get the exhausts done

    • Not really sure sandeep… I heard its next to RT nagar cuppa or bus stand…i still didnt find it…but all ma fren who got it done frm der ‘ve a better thump than mine…i got it done from muneer in bhartinagar

      • hi I am also planning to buy from muneer. can you please tell me how the experience with muneer and the exhaust performance and the cost also??

      • Not really satisfied in de matter of mileage buddy šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ thump is n loudness is best in de RT nagar make, tht has least mileage….muneer ones have kinda OK thump n enough loudness, but mileage will drop to 35 or even worst … u get heavy bass with no thump in the sandhya motors goldie…and damn good mileage also….you can ping me if you need reviews…..@ 9986707485

  19. Goldstar Silencer do the great work & can satisfy the Thrust for the Thump, i did the some googling and found some SANS INC Silencers from Delhi, would like to know the details on it..

    i got some more details on Title

  20. Dear Sirs, could you please let me know why the original enfield electra 2008 Glasswool has 2 LN key screws at the tail to remove the tail piece and its logic?
    When its a 4stroke engine never requires decarbonisarion?
    Your kind literarary information shall highly appreciated.
    Ashok Sarkar. Jharkhand.

  21. THERE ARE NOT ONLY 3.. There’s one company which is been manufacturing these silencers from years. In Chennai. It’s an pretty old company who’s been manufacturing Royal ENFIELD accessories.. I can get you an best silencer without hurting its mileage and promise of pick up. Anybody interested can contact for further details..

  22. Aslkm muneer bhai iam from shimoga please call to my no…9448628135

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