My diaries on introspection 09102008

I am more or less in a nit-picking mode where I see the world around me as a set of processes and I more or less look at problem points and try to look at why such problems happen.

One of my favoutir examples would be the fact that we lack tolerance.

I had a conversation with my mother and it went thus.

Me: I had a very restless mind yesterday and I strangely wanted to have non-vegetarian food yesterday

Amma: How could you have such thoughts? We are fasting the whole month.

Me: I am not worried about fasting or anything else. I am looking at avoiding non-vegetarian food for good and this thought was strangely without any explanation. I do not understand why I had this urge.

Amma: How can you say that you do not care for the fact that we are supposed to be fasting this whole month?

Me: Why cannot you independantly tolerate the fact that I am trying to avoid non-vegetarian food for good? Why does it even have to be tied to religion? Why canot we tolerate each tolerate each other’s religious views in a non-biased manner?

The conversation then meandered into tangential discussions which did not mean much.

The moot point is that we lack the ability to tolerate each tolerate each other’s belief systems without being personally affected by it. We kind of take ourselves and our beliefs too seriously. We also seemt to lack the ability to respect the individual and their own set of motives for a particular direction of thought and actions. Most of the skirmishes in the personal space, I believe, happen because of this lack of tolerance, generally. 

I believ we should take ourselves less seriously and be more tolerant.


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  1. I think thats 100% true. Good one !

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